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Rundown Machinery
Meaningful Vandalism
What lies ahead
Winter Branches
Secret Pathway
Shotgun Vision
One of my Babies:Ipod
Outside Winter Miracle
Favorite Angle of a Flower
Reflection in Vase
Simplicity is Beautiful
Keys to Cyberspace
Door to the World
Reflection in car
Backseat Laughing
Only One of my Dream Cars
Thinker's Pose
My little Camera
Lisa's Backdrop What is this?
Why? It gives off a darker feeling. And it doesn't hurt my eyes :)
Why? During the spring where I live is not too hot nor too cold. The weather is perfect and one of my favorite pastimes is reading. I find reading to be soothing and I am able to relax without a care in the world. And I can get a tan while reading ;)
Why? Wolves are mysterious creatures whether they are all alone or in a pack.
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Jessica Kuras said: (on Apr 17, 2009)
sweet! looking forward to seeing your creations and stories behind them (aka the 'backlight')!
Jessica Kuras said: (on Apr 14, 2009)
Hey B! :-) Glad to see you on here! Looking forward to following you...xo!
Lisa's BackBrite: "hola"
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